“The Dynasties: Long Island High School Football” is a look at the best gridiron squads of all-time on Long Island. It breaks down the historical backgrounds of the top programs through anecdotal stories and recaps the biggest games and player’s careers. It’s also the first book about any Long Island high school sports and goes deep into the foundation of the top programs to ever step foot on the Island.

“Sachem High School Football: The History of the Flaming Arrows”
is the first ever full-length history book about a Long Island high school football program. From the early years with head coaches Kiernan Lawler and Brian Smith to the dynasty years under legendary coach Fred Fusaro, this book captures every moment, player, game and detail about the Flaming Arrows. It deeply discusses the politics, and social and educational frontiers of one of Long Island’s most storied institutions.

For nearly 120 years, Long Island has fielded high school sports teams. In that span,numerous local athletes rose to the highest level, dynasties were built, legends were made, and the nation’s largest island was filled with captivating athletic stories and sports lore that will live forever. “Long Island High School Sports” strings together a pictorial history of Long Island’s oldest, most famous, and well-respected teams, coaches and athletes.

For more than three decades, the Bellport High School football program has set the benchmark for how football should be played on Long Island. Under the guidance of coach Joe Cipp and his assistants, the Clippers have garnered unparalleled success on the gridiron and have built an everlasting dynasty in Suffolk County. “Bellport Football, A Proud Tradition” tells the story of how Bellport football was conceived, how it grew from its infancy to a powerhouse in a short period of time and how it has remained a successful sports institution for so long. It is a detailed look into how Bellport is “Rich in Pride, Rich in Spirit and Rich in Heart.”

Since its founding in 1935, Hofstra University, located in Hempstead, New York, has built a strong reputation in the collegiate sports world. Thousands of athletes have represented one of Long Island’s finest private universities, winning countless championships and helping to create a foundation of history that is remembered today. Hofstra Athletics strings together a pictorial history of the school’s well-known coaches and athletes, championship teams, and players who made it on the professional level.





Book services

Through Xlibris Publishers, an Indianapolis publishing company, and Chris Vaccaro’s services as an experienced journalist and author, your sports program can have its own full-length history book. Offered as hard and soft cover editions with eye-catching covers and loads of information inside, together, you and Vaccaro can make the history of your sports program come alive. Capturing the history of games, moments, players and untold stories, this service is unlike anything ever offered in high school sports. It is the researching and reporting of everything about your sports program and put down in one book.

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